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  • Those which the Universe cannot give you , cannot be given by anybody in this world. Also those which is forbidden to you by the Universe, you cannot get it anywhere in this world.

    One should know the association of Pranava, Mahameru and Shree Chakra with human beings.


    The basic rule of Human journey is ,it starts as a speck of the UNIVERSE, grows and live with the help of the Universe and finally reunites with the Universe.

    Humans live our life as per fate. Rather than living by fate, we can create a powerful state within our self and live life delightfully and happily. To attain “Moksha” our Rishis , Siddhas, Gurus provide us various methods like Pooja , Pilgrimage, Homam, Chants and Meditation. These are the easiest ways to attain “MUKTHI”.

    The highest meditative States for both men and Women are:

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    This practice includes the Chakra practice. The 7 chakras plays a vital role in activating the 7 endocrine glands. When these glands are tuned equally we can safeguard the health, reduce the impact of existing disease, increase our immunity, get good education, get memory power, mental power and get a deep sleep and get 16 Aishwarya’s with the help of Universe .We request all from the age of 11 to get benefit out of this excellent opportunity.

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